! פרודיר עטי איכות מתוצרת שוויצריה   / Prodir Swiss made pens !
סדרת עטי איכות משוויץ המיוצרים למיטב חברות הענק בעולם לפי גוון , לוגו, ומפרט מדוייק 
 גם כשאתם מעניקים עטים לקידום מכירות כדאי לשמור על המותג שלכם עם עטי פרודיר הלקוח יעריך את המוצר שקיבל 
עטי פרודיר כותבים וכותבים מעל 3000 מטר רישום ,  כשעט רגילה רושמת  מתחת  ל 400 מטר בלבד                                                                     
מבחר דגמים רחב עם אפשרויות שילובי גוונים רחבה אפשרות לשילוב צבעים מדליק בהתאם לשפת המותג, ליצירת קונספט ייחודי ובולט , מי שיקבל או יראה העט יבין כי מדובר בעט איכות שיעצים את המותג שלכם                                                        
לצפיה בקטלוג לחצו על התמונה מטה

Prodir - Personalised Pens with Logo - Made in Switzerland

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 About Prodir :
Some are intended to be provocative and striking, while others are more conservative and subtle – our writing instruments not only have to write well, they also have to appear authentic. They have to offer something new and fresh time and again. 250 employees at our headquarters in Switzerland and in eight branch offices around the globe work to ensure that we achieve just that in every order. Our team works tirelessly to produce ballpoint pens so good that they can represent the most demanding of brands credibly and sustainably . For us, writing and advertising go hand in hand. 

Writing instruments and communication – these are our passions. The wonderful thing about the promotional products industry is that we are able to dedicate our work to both. We are therefore delighted that our work has been recognized with awards in both areas. 

Promotional Gift Award 2015 Prodir DS9
The Prodir DS9 was among the award winners at the International Promotional Gift Award 2015. The jury was particularly impressed with its contemporary, clear-cut form and innovative colour palette.

Red Dot Award 2013 Purity campaign
The “Purity” Prodir campaign picked up the Red Dot Award for communication design. The jury wrote that the campaign demonstrated “high design quality which represents aesthetics, innovation and conciseness in an exemplary fashion”.

IF Product Design Award 2013 Prodir ES2
The jury at the renowned IF Product Design Awards 2013 recognized the Prodir ES2 for its outstanding design. The award is widely viewed as the most important international prize for good design.

Promotional Gift Award 2011 Prodir ES1
In 2011, the Promotional Gift Award, the top European award for promotional articles, went to the ES1 from Prodir.

Nomination for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2009
In 2009, “pending” was nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. This is the highest official award in the design field in Germany.

Econ Award for Corporate Communications 2008
The Econ Award is presented by the Econ publishing group in coordination with Handelsblatt for successful corporate communications in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The laudation read as follows: “Conveying quality awareness, expertise and care in a credible way without presenting a product requires expertise in dealing with content and topics as well as an excellent design and production process. In ‘pending’, Prodir consistently tackles this challenge head on in impressive fashion.”

Promotional Gift Award 2008 Prodir DS2
In 2008, the Prodir DS2 impressed the jury at the Promotional Gift Awards in Cologne organized by WA Media AG.

Best of Corporate Publishing 2005, 2006, 2007 Customer magazine pending
The Prodir customer magazine “pending” won the BCP Best of Corporate Publishing Award in the B2B category “Media, Culture and Entertainment” three times in succession – twice in gold and once in silver.

Promotional Gift Award 2006 Prodir DS4
The minimalist design of the Prodir DS4 won the Promotional Gift Award 2006.

Good Design Award 2004 Prodir DS5
The organizer’s website stated: “We at the Good Design Award think of ‘design’ as a verb and define it as a continuous creative process which is never completed.” In 2005, the Prodir DS5 was recognized with the Japanese Good Design Award. 

Promotional Gift Award 2003 Prodir DS7
Innovative in form and function – the Prodir DS7 picked up the Promotional Gift Award in 2003.

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